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Well, first I have to thank Tripod for the many years they supported my little search engine.

The end-of-service part of the PERL/CGI was kind of clumsy, but I suppose they didn't really know what they were doing by the time. I suspect the people who originally set it up had moved to better things long before the plug got pulled, eh? (As of 23 June 2016, the entire website seems to be on its last legs...)

Basically this search engine was just my personal convenience thing, but I'm adding this parting note because I had used the result URLs a number of times over the years in email sent to friends. However, now I realize that they will not see this message unless I figure out how to create some kind of fake result file that will lead them back here...

After Tripod killed the PERL part (with the last death sometime in 2014?), I diddled around for a while, but have yet (as of mid-2015) to replace it in any proper sense. My most recent diddle was to learn how to run it locally. That means I can create new results on a less convenient and less dynamic basis, but it's also an example of what PERL can do...

Warning: These are not dynamic results, so they will be more or less out of date. I'm just creating them manually and uploading them. (Closed time periods in the past are probably okay, but anything subject to change may have.)

Last hack? If there's a generation date at the top of a results table, then it's probably accurate, but the dates at the bottom are from Tripod's server, and can't be trusted...

Here are some results:

2017 books (I'll try to keep the latest year fairly up to date, but past years are manual and spotty.)
2016 books
2015 books
2014 books read up to early October
All of 2014 in alphabetic order
All of 2013 in alphabetic order (Personal best, as in largest number.)
From the beginning up to August 2014 (This spans from its start on a typewriter in 1971, through the PL/C version, dBase II, and then the second back end in PERL.)
June 2015 books (Just a monthly sample.)

Alphabetized list of Soseki's books (Notice the author search glitch. It's supposed to pick up four digits three times, but sometimes it matches across the columns... Never could find that bug, though it is nailed down in the sense of being reproducible.)
Isaac Asimov books
Iain Banks books
Agatha Christie books
Richard Dawkins books
Chelsea Handler books
Robert Heinlein books
Keith Laumer books
Ursula K. Le Guin books
Kenzaburo Oe books
Michael Lewis books
P.J. O'Rourke books
Kenzaburo Oe books
Robert Parker books
P.J. O'Rourke books
Georges Simenon books
Rex Stout books
Koji Suzuki

Computer Science subject (especially dated?)
Humor subject sorted by title
Psychology subject
Psychology subject sorted by title
mostly multi-volume series
With "each" for some teacher books...

In Japanese (but the database is Romaji):
New Gakken manga series (in Romaji as "Gakken Manga De Yoku Wakaru Shiri-zu") (slowing down, but still publishing)
All himitsu series manga
マリア探偵社 series (children's detective series)

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