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At the upper left of most of the pages is a kind of dynamic navigation bar done with JavaScript. Actually includes a map of the entire site that should live quietly and efficiently in your browser's cache, and dynamically adjusts itself based on the URL.

"Under Construction disease"? What's that? Seriously, this is an unending project, even with the help of the Homepage Builder HTML editor...

Welcome to my strange home pages!
(The main counter used to be here, but can't give any good base figures--about the 5th server now. Some of them had several thousand hits--but those were the old days, and there weren't many pages to be visited...)

What's important?

(Kind of a rough guess at priorities...)

There's an email link at the bottom of my pages, but... For the inconvenience of the spamnuts, it is is not a primary email address, and it's disguised, too--can't reveal 'real' email addresses in public anymore. *sigh* Actually, I've rigged it so that if the spammers do get it, I can change the routing on all of my home pages with one tweak. Anyway, if you click on the link, your email software should be able to figure it out. You should actually receive a robotic warning response, but I should still receive it (via yet another another routing trick). About a year now, and so far no spam. (Knock on wood.)