Golden High School 1974 Yearbook Index

This is a table of links to pages reconstructed from scanned images of my high school yearbook for the year I graduated. Here's to the memories, and I hope some of my friends and peers of those ancient days enjoy the memories, too.

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Front Cover This column is for transcriptions of the few signatures in my yearbook--at least the ones I'll admit to having. Is this really all? This column is for links to other Web sites.

Inside Front Cover
Fly Leaf Front
Emerson Schwartzkopf*
debbie johnson
Shannon, I would hope that you have high aspirations--and if you have them, you will attain them. Much affection,
If you want help with scans, or even scanned pages of interest to you from my yearbook,
Fly Leaf Back
Bill Branch
I Hope you make a lot of gravy after leaving Rice, because gravy and Rice go good together.
David Councilman
To a Nice Person
Mark [Busley]
Though you have beaten me in many a chess game, just remember that cheaters never prosper,
let me know--have scanners, will scan and email.
Page 3
Phil Hays*
From behind the 8 ball, May your chess game keep getting better.
Page 4
Dear Shannon, I am so very glad that I got to know you. You are a very interesting person and I have enjoyed very much knowing you from Forensics and from other areas of school. Have a very good summer Shannon & I'll think of you. Good luck at college. Love,
Page 5
Ken Rogers
I only strike once!

Page 8
Page 9
Nick Dodson
The only reason I'm signing is that I lost my Rubber stamp
The Key to Happyness is Happyness itself!! Have a Happy.

Page 12
Page 13
Linda [Olbert]
Shannon, I want to wish you all the success + happiness in this world. Thanks for putting up with me all these two years. Shannon you are one of the very few people I admire. + I do. Love always,
[Paul] Weimer (Honcho)*
"And I opened my heart to the whole universe And I found it was loving And I saw the great blunders my teachers had made Scientific delerium madness"
Page 22
Page 25
Lindon Schultz
Shannon, Hope you enjoy Rice and do well there I imagine you will. Soccer team will try and do well next year it is to bad you will not be there to play, it is a great game. When you come back next year perhaps you can come to our games. See you sometime,
Page 60
Page 62
Page 65
Chris [Tillman]
Shannon, I've enjoyed this year immensely with you. One day you will come to Christ, it has been shown Fred and me both. Until that day, Good Luck, and after that day, God Bless! Always remember our Creator, who shows infinite mercy.
Page 66
Bill Shute
Shannon, Best luck to you "radical in the realm of honkies" at Rice. P.S. I will pay you the $4.00 I owe you
Page 67
Page 86
Hugh Colvin*
Shannon, I'm glad you brightened up Paul's day. It was great having someone as bright as you in physics so that you could answer all the questions for we dolts at the back table. Thanks. good luck always.
Page 93
Page 95
Page 98

Page 115
Brad (Knickel?)
Shannon I think you're a really nice guy who has a great mind and potential. I appreciate you assistance in writing or rewriting computer programs. Have fun this summer and a good year at Rice. I'm glad you got that scholarship.

Page 117
Bill Sheldon*
Well Shannon, Its good to see you now. You've changed, and there again you haven't, You lost your cold-weather goggles from Welchester, but not your Ideals. Personally I think that is just about the most important thing. Take care of yourself and the girls. Logic is just another excuse.
Page 127
Page 130
Shannon, you are one of the few people I know who can outthink Jim and I combined. I hope that you will find all that you're looking for at Rice. Too bad about STTR1! +latta

Page 185
Tim Booth
Jim Hutchins
I know you will have fun at Rice, and love Houston. Hope that we can keep in touch until you get your doctorate! (Don't say you won't... I know you will.)
Brad Miskell
When will you write the book.
Rhonda Byrne
Dear Shannon, Congratulations on going to Rice, Hope everything turns out just "peachy"! You do have to admit it was an interesting year. You're very, very nice just remember don't slouch or stand with your hands in your pocket. & grow your hair a little longer THINK CHRISTMAS Love