My version of Copyright

You'd think I could do something in a straighforward way, wouldn't you? Sorry, but this one is basically messy, and you can look at the stuff I wrote about broken copyright to see why. For example, obviously I'm implicitly giving you my permission to temporarily copy all of these files to your computer so that your browser can display them in the first place.

Anyway, trying to make the messy stuff short, I am basically granting you permission to read this stuff and maybe even be influenced by it, but what I don't want is for you to sell any of my work for your profit, less'n of course you want to cut me in on the deal. If you do want to pay me for some of it, or even commission me to write something else, I'll be quite interested and would be glad to get your email via the email link below.

I am NOT granting blanket permission to reprint my works in other places without my permission, even if there is no money involved. I'll try to be reasonable about this, because this has lots of complicated ramifications. For example, I don't care if search engines index my pages or if network caches have copies of these files--as long as the links to the original sources are preserved.

I also take a very dim view of plagiarism, and I consider claiming my words as your own original work for your own academic credit to be about the worst form of profiteering. I think that kind of thing is going to become increasingly difficult for simple technical reasons--it will relatively soon be feasible for your work to be searched against the Internet, which would turn up my work. Probably by that time the simple counters will have evolved into complete visitor logs, too, showing just when you picked my brains, such as they are. Rest assured that I would eagerly assist in prosecution of such an offense. I've no problem with a few borrowed phrases, but if you are weird enough to think some of my peculiar work is a major influence on yours, then you better remember to give me a bit of credit. I'm easily placated that way.