Dubya Bush saluting for the dogThese are some images that capture the 'honor and dignity' that Dubya has brought to the White House during his residency. Extra points if you can figure out which one was retouched.

Yes, I've said we should focus the facts and avoid hyperbole, and such artistic humor is probably in that category. Then again, one picture is worth 1,000 words. Or maybe I just can't resist the temptation.

I admit that I'm especially upset about the one with the dog. If a civilian did that, it would sort of be understandable, but Dubya claims to have been a gentleman and an officer. If I had ever rendered such a salute to an actual officer, I'd have expected to lose a stripe or two. And agreed that I deserved the punishment, too. My current hypothesis is that the dog can't walk because they keep it doped up. More convenient for photo ops that way.

By the way, I'm not sure about the copyright status of these images. They were sent to me or found on public Web pages without copyright notices. If anyone knows of the appropriate copyright holder, I'd be glad to request appropriate permissions and give appropriate credits. On the other hand, maybe the artists would prefer anonymity to avoid the model's wrath. Not exactly the most flattering pictures I've ever seen. But everyone's a critic, eh?

The deforestation part is in response to his localization proposals, but another case where a few pictures are better than words.

Moe Bush, Curly Cheney, Larry Powell--sans dignity or honorSurprising how natural they look, eh?

Not really much to say about such "fine art", but apparently I need to say something here to get the layout correct. My HTML lack is showing... here. So can anyone suggest the proper way to make sure the pictures don't get confused about where they belong? I can do it with layers, but I don't like that rigid approach. (As usual for my pages, clicking on my name at the bottom left of the page should send me email if your browser is compatibly configured.)

Pope Bush?

I've only heard Dubya bumbling his way through snippets, and I don't think I could stomach listening to a long reading. But the Pope really has to try harder than this. (Not my caption, but I let it stand.)

Duyba giving the Pope a headache

Note sure who made this logo, but one of the first Enronion themes I saw.

Enron logo for Dubya

I think this is another doctored image, but it's hard to be sure. Maybe the turkey knows something. The bird might, too.

Pair of turkeys

This one seems to be rather sloppily retouched in a couple of places, but I like the thought. Actually think this is one of the older ones.

How to be pResident?

Dubya's Environmental Policies

This is a slightly different section of pictures. Not images of Dubya, but images of how his 'local control' plans will actually work in practice. These are just some examples from Japan, where we have LOTS of local control.

In the background you can still see a few trees, but a few weeks ago, this entire area was covered with trees--nothing to see but green.

Just a bit farther down, but with a little deeper perspective.

This is probably what the above area will look like soon. When I moved here a few years ago, the left side of the street was a large bamboo grove. The first of these three pictures actually shows the beginnng of the same kind of excavation as was done below. The hill actually had a completely different shape when it was a bamboo grove, but it was cut down very extensively.

This makes very good sense to the local folks, but the main and obvious result is that Japan doesn't have any very impressive parks or wilderness areas.