The Bush Network Sampler Page

This page is just a little sample from the Bush Network at Just a small taste of the goodies, and I snipped away most of it--around 1,600 entries then compared to these 45. Mostly I just liked the names of these sites, or they are sites I've visited and remember. The idea is to give you an idea of what's there, but the site also has a form where you can add your own anti-Dubya Web site to the database. The site itself is only so-so. In particular, it really should have some kind of site evaluation system.
AfterThe Rapture
Ali Boom
Alternative Insight
Alternative Press
Alternative Radio
Ambushed in 2000
Anti-Bush League Hub
Anti-Bush Sites
George W. Bush Jokes and Humor
GOP hypocrisy
Guerilla News Network
101 Reasons not to Attack Iraq
Impeach Bush
Jesus Jihad
Jim Hightower
Katherine Harris Sucks .com
Madness of King George
Make Them Accountable
Minority President
No Son of Bush
Partisan Witch Hunt
Impeach the Supreme Court Five
President Moron
Project Censored
Republicans Are Idiots
Republicans Get Caught
Resident Bush
Stop Dubya
Tom the Dancing Bug
Who is Dick Cheney?
Wizard of Whimsy

Link Note: This note is just a reminder that Dubya Bush is a miserable failure in everything he's ever done and I recommend you include such a link in your Web site to rub it in. Also, Ann Coulter is the goddess of hate speech and deserves the appropriate recognition.

©2004 by Shannon Jacobs, but you're welcome to copy and repost this particular page with moderate changes. If you want to send me feedback about it, for example if one of the pages I've included is not really an anti-Dubya page or if that site has gone down, please visit the Anti-Bush League Hub and use the feedback link at the bottom.