with my ratings and comments

Hopefully no one will get too bent out of shape. The main purpose of this page is for the convenience of the Web crawlers to find the links in a static place, but since I'm preparing it, I may as well include a few comments. Not really sorting it, though trying to list the sites I like more near the top. [Rather more work than I expected, so paused in progress, but you can see what I'm up to.]

Remember that these are extremely subjective evaluations, and my philosphy will very much color it. My philosophy is that we need the truth, lots of it, and clear memories of what happened. Then we need to do something about it. Even though Dubya's pseudo-success heavily depended on hyperbole and hysteria with a heavy dose of old-fashioned big lies, I think we should not stoop to those techniques. Other people may feel humor and visible and angry disrespect are the most effective forms of opposition to Dubya, but I won't rate those pages as highly.

Obviously, you can send me feedback if you disagree with my ratings or know more about the real traffic volume, and I'll try to take it into account. The JavaScript-encoded email link is at the bottom left of all of my pages.

The Web Page (description by author on joining the ring) My
General Comments
THE GORE EXCEPTION: A Layman's Guide to Bush v. Gore by marklevineesq
This Q & A explains the Supreme Court decision that chose Bush to be President in terms that non-lawyers can easily follow.
Top Rank Middle Rank This site is by the original author of the famous work. Not a high traffic site, but he isn't pushing it. Permanent place of honor in this ring, even without being properly linked in.
The Web Page (description by author on joining the ring) My
General Comments
Fringefolk by wendyt1969
An online directory of anti-coup protesters.
Top Rank Middle Rank Kind of a well focused grass roots site.
Dean & Justin's Political Journal by deanjustinspoliticaljournal
Our web site is a progressive, alternative source of news and information regarding His Selectedness - GW Bush, the Bush Regime, latest political news, the Environment, Science, The Arts, Health-Food, Activism - Consumer Alert!, Links, Timeless Articles and more. Our web site is updated daily. Thank you.
Middle Rank Middle Rank Mostly a link page, but basically fairly rational. Author is trying pretty hard to promote it via various methods.
Bush League by timberlinemedia
News and information regarding the Presidunce.
Top Rank Middle Rank Sort of a link page, but with good commentary and organization. And the links seem well chosen, too.
I, Democrat by mlamdanski
A constantly growing website dedicated to providing news, facts and resources for Democrats. A web site For the People and By the People. We encourage content submission.
Base Rank Middle Rank Another page that mostly links without too much of the author's own content there.
I Respectfully Dissent by windwardus
I Respectfully Dissent is a campaign that is designed to echo the frustrations of those of us who are troubled by the multiple injustices of the 2000 presidential election. It is taken directly from the closing words of the four dissenting Supreme Court Justices in their Dec.12th ruling. We feel that it accurately and appropriately expresses the disapproval felt by many Americans.
Middle Rank Base Rank Heart is very much in the right place, but not so much content and needs maintenance.
Jon Thompson's Website by jtnano
A liberal voicing opinions on various political issues.
Base Rank Base Rank Kind of hyperbolic, and doesn't seem to get much maintenance.
ay Too Much Sense! by way2muchsense
A site with original political commentary that tends to the center to center-left. I share the dismay of the left that someone like George W. Bush, a man profoundly ill-suited to high office, has managed to finagle his way into the White House. I am dedicated to helping ensure that no one else with such a paucity of qualifications ever gets elected President in my lifetime.
Middle Rank Middle Rank Very good writing, and updated frequently. On the edge of three up for content, so I need to track it more...
The Dumbya Chronicles by sleser001
The Dumbya Chronicles provides news articles, discussion forums , cartoons and other resources critical of (anti) George W. (Dubya or as we say Dumbya) Bush, his administration, other Republicans and the GOP in general.
Middle Rank Base Rank Very good content, but if I give too many top rankings, they lose their value...
Bush is an idiot... by bushlacksabrain
Because he is ! And maybe making fun of him can help us get rid of some of the frustration. The man is SCARY !!!
Base Rank Base Rank Focuses on humor. Didn't see any unusually sharp digs.
Sarya's Bush totally sux site by eroticevil
My opinion on Bush as a mother, a voter and a pagan who values her personal rights
Middle Rank Base Rank Kind of a mixed page. A lot of very extreme and emotional language, but also a good bit of focus on issues.
America Held Hostile by felvtalk
A progressive website dedicated to exposing the hostilities of the Bush Administration in America.
Base Rank Base Rank Nice, but didn't see anything special.
AntiBush by electronicfugitive
This is a web site dedicated to revealing the truth about George W. Bush - the truth that he will do damage to America, not good; the truth that he lost the election, but was helped to steal America; and the truth that he is not the rightful President. With books, pictures, jokes, videos, and more.
Middle Rank Middle Rank Pretty good and original commentary. The newer stuff is linked off of the entry page.
I HATE BUSH FAN CLUB by howardpearlman
The largest Anti-Bush site on Yahoo Clubs! We have over 1669 members! Join us in telling the truth about our unpresident!!!!

Bushwhacker Brigade by massoverride
A website dedicated to fighting the theft of election 2000, by George W. Bush!

I Bought This T-shirt With My Tax Refund! by cartoonist55
"I Bought This T-shirt With My Tax Refund! Thanks a lot Dubya!" T-SHIRT. Illustrated By Cartoonist DC McGowan.

Dictator Dmbya: The Fraud Who Woul Be King by dictatordumbya
A site attacking Bush, his policy, and his selection.

Destroy W by georgia_morley_hewitt
This is a site for all of you who believe the world would be better off without George W. Bush and believe we should all deny his rule as the all supreme electocuting governor/president of the US

Things to Dislike about Dubya by shanen0
Hard work, intelligence, education, integrity--all those little things that Dubya doesn't have. Just a few of the obvious details.

Pioneer Grrrl's Democrat Zone by pioneer_grrrl1979
Who better than a Texas democrat to explain what an abomination this thing is to the future of American society.

Critiques of pro-Dubya Pages by shanen0
The page is for reviews and analyses of some pro-Dubya Web sites, basically selected at random from non-commercial unofficial personal sites.

Deshrubify Amerikkka-Fuck You George Dumbiya Bush by pieman424
list of links to many anti-bush sites including an animated gif of bush getting pied

Make a Statement with TruCards! by kimilsung99
Keep in touch with your friends while telling 'em what you think of Dubya, Rush, Doctor Laura and other members of America's lunar right. These people spread hatred and fear; here's one small way to fight back

The Dubya Report - Where DUBYA Gets his Come-Up-Ins by dnc_tn
Picture and image galleries of George W. Bush and a parody of the new man. Stories and insights into CONservative doofuses..

Democratic Club of the High Desert by michelechavez
The definitive source for Democratic news and views in the Antelope Valley, California.

Aaah! whatdemocracy.com by drgnslayr2000
Our site challenges democracy issues in America, everything from the election 2000 to violation of Native Americans.

Failure Is Impossible: Resources to Resist the Regime by cowanme
Links to news stories, web sites, and other resources for opposing the Bush regime; organized through an alphabetical subject index.

The American Cynic by shanen0
This is an unlinked guest page I (= the Web ringleader) liked, so I hope you enjoy it, too.

The Rush Limbaugh Award for Conservative Hypocrisy by ranting_wacko
A tribute to Republicans who don't practice what they preach.

Bush is Good by bushgood
Bush is Good.com endeavors to assist President Bush in serving a better term of office through the power of helpful criticism.

George Dubya: The Spent Seed of a Spent Man by johlaw
A political lampoon site with it's crosshairs squarely cited on George Dubya.

The White Rose by gdyweasel
A resource for liberals.

The Unsupreme Kangaroo Court by shanen0
Couldn't find the site, so I created it--but if there's a wannabe webmaster around, it needs more loving care than I have time to give it.

Shocking the Monkey by shydemocrat
An exercise in creative protest -- let's drive the Monkey bananas by making donations in his name to all the Lefty causes we can think of...

FearBush.com by fearbush
The Voice of The Resistance

Stop the Bush Presidency by wjniemi
Watchdog site on Dubya's shenannigans both past and present. News, editorials, GOPER Fun Quiz, Senate & House member database, voter alerts. Investigations into Skull & Bones, Harken Energy, AWOL, etc. planned for near future.

Your complete online source for BBBR/coup2k resistance, news, humor, and commentary.

It's the end of the world as we know it!!! by gwbblows
Dubya is the name feared among the intelligent and good at heart. This site let's all others know he is a liar, a thief and a IDIOT!!!

WatchDubya Links and Stuff by paulrcoleman
This site contains links to many resources that will get the newcomer up to speed with what is going on and keep the veterans informed on new issues. The news section contains links to news article from 1800 news resources updated every 15 minutes. Make this your starting point on your quest to find out how Bush stole the election.

Hated.com Anti-Bush Links by bushimpeachment
The top Anti-Bush sites on the web ranked and reviewed. Dedicated to getting the word out about Bush-The-Fraud! Updated daily.

NEEDLY.com by chiefjamie
Opinions, humor, and links about our new Resident.

Bush's Golden Rule by shanen0
This is my original Bush's Golden Rule page, mostly focusing on how five guys gave us King George II. Government of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers.

Link Crusader by billcv2000
Free Speech Central-'Bill's Best Links' is a huge directory of Links to over 500 Anti-Bush sites, Merchandise sites (T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, etc.) 64 Progressive sites, Activist Alerts, Activist Tools, Democratic Party sites, News sites & 121 Message Boards (Forums). Updated every Tuesday.

Pull No Punches.com by bdjanu
This is an alternative to the corporate-owned conservative media. We take a no-holds-barred look at politics and life in America. We are irreverent. Guaranteed. Plus, we are your source for products for the liberal lurking in everybody.

Through Hazel Eyes - Impeach Dubya Now! by annepr7
A very Pro-Gore & anti-dubya website with excellent journalistic reports, editorials, opinions, links, graphics, & music.

Anti Bush site by mike_row007
This site has: reasons to kill bush top 5, linx, geustbook and soon more

LittleGeorgeBush by fauxgeek
The LittleGeorgeBush website is dedicated to making fun of the dumbest president in history. It has a serious side, as well. Go there. You'll see.

Deafness HOH Page by fbarr.geo
The primary focus of my site is hearing loss, but I do have a strong criticism of Bush along with concerns about how the election will affect those with disabilities.

NotMyPres.com by bradappsonline
Keeping an intelligent watch on the illegitimate President. Opinions, news and more.

The Wit and Wisdom Of George W. Bush by roedygr
Strange quotations from Chairman Bush.

DoubleU by digisite2001
The largest and most complete collection of Anti-Bush Links on the net! Over 150 links and growing!

Stop the Bush Railroad; Stop the Madness by mikesnow10
Liberal site dedicated to stopping and exposing destructive right-wing policies + dirty tactics of Bush administration; Started 10/98 as anti-impeachment site- still definitive reference resource- ~200-300 pages (printed)

Anti-Bush Leage Hub - Bush's Golden Rule by shanen0
Main page is now a chronology from the distant viewpoint, but similar to "The Clothes Have no Emperor". The election theft is on a second page.

My Voice by dedamc97
Democrats good, GOP and Bush bad!

AliBoom by aliboom.geo
Finally, a President that makes Warren G. Harding look qualified....

Pearly's Liberal Links by pearly1204
The site has numerous links for Democrat, Liberal and Anti-bush sites. It also has many interesting issues discussed.