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This page is just for posting some of the more impressive rantings of Dubya's supporters. Also, I should include the negative email feedback from the Web site, though most of them have been pretty boring rants. Basically, I've tried to leave them just as the authors wrote them, even for the trivial cosmetic idiocies. If your an optimistic American (like I used to be), you'd probably prefer to doubt their veracity, but I'm sorry to say, these writings really are authentic, and there really are some dumb and vicious people out there.

(This was a newsgroup post. The first part is from me, followed by the peak rant. At least I can't imagine he'll manage a better one. One mechanical mystery is why the peculiar, even abnormal, bracketed handling of the tiny bits that were snipped from one of my earlier posts. He's apparently posting from Google, and its default quote format is fairly normal.)

5 May 2004

Finally! The pseudo-patriot's blathering has gotten up to the level of being worthy of inclusion on my Web site. There's a special section to demonstrate just how stupid and vicious many of Dubya's supporters are. To insure Dubya's rousting in November, I really do wish such defenders of Dubya as this "Mark F" got wider publicity. For the sake of copyright considerations, I won't include the original post directly in the Web site, but I hereby include it by reference as part of my "academic commentary" in this post. As the author of this post, there is no question of its copyright. (And I insure you that the pseudo-patriot's rant is included intact below, and that such a fool really does seem to exist in Dubya's camp. Though it is not a strong proof of the authenticity of authorship, I've included the headers, too. To really prove the authenticity would probably require an expensive psychiatric report after he entered therapy.)
My actual commentary is to say that the vigorous and almost immediate response must have been triggered by the closing reference to masturbation. Apparently the pseudo-patriot didn't like the insinuation that people like him do it while reading the news. Either that, or it's his payment schedule. (I still consider it possible that some rich old fart is paying the pseudo-patriot for his personal efforts to disrupt and destroy the American democracy, but that wouldn't diminish the sincerity of his insane ranting.)
Now that we've gone past the disruption part, the actual new issue can be addressed in an open and democratic way. No, the pseudo-patriot did not actually draw me back, but just a bit more spleen to be vented from the latest news. This new item is actually part of the old issue of the relationship between the problems in Israel and the problems in the rest of the Arab world--which remains as one of Al Qaeda's favorite recruiting pitches. The latest news announces that BushCo now wants to back away from last month's extremely provocative support of Sharon's unilateral and non-negotiated "solution". This should be bad news for Al Qaeda's current recruiting efforts in Iraq--except for the hypocrisy aspect. It only comes after Sharon failed to get the support of his own party. The mysterious part should be why Dubya cares so much about trying to interfere in Israel's domestic politics, though the answer the Al Qaeda extremists will give is quite obvious (and simpleminded): "See! America hates all Moslems!"
Of course that's an excessive and absurd claim. While it is true that there is a small but noisy faction (the pseudo-patriot and his wannabe Brownshirt associates) that does hate all Moslems (though they hate lots of other people, too, including the thus-honored yours truly), most Americans are much more moderate and reasonable. Unfortunately, by increasing the appearance of American bias on one side, it makes it that much easier for the extremists on the other side to recruit more extremists. Sad, but perhaps a natural reflection of the increasing polarization within America. Dubya the uniter? That's a laugh. A very sad laugh.
Haven't seen much in the American press, but there were several new British articles about "exit strategies". The confusing part is that it appears the UN is willing to get involved again. Didn't Dubya just kick those "irrelevant" UN politicos out of there? I guess it's just pragmatic. The UN does have the job of trying to stop the slaughter no matter how it got started, but I really don't see where they can get the physical resources to clean up such a stupendous mess as Dubya has made. If America can't afford to pay for it, where will the UN get the money? Also, it seems to contradict BushCo's latest activation and deployment orders for about 45,000 more soldiers for Iraq. However, that still won't bring the numbers up to the troop levels the general told BushCo that they would need--before they fired him.

"Wars are caused by undefended wealth." -- Ernest Hemingway
"Mark F" <markfaircloth@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:c8d593a0.0405041729.7bcad37b@posting.google.com...
> Shannon Jacobs pontificates:
> << While it is sometimes amusing to speculate about
> such deviant personalities and their twisted motivations>>
> Like your impotence leading you into your worshipping Osama bin Laden,
> wanker?
> <<it's much better to stay focused on the actual issues.>>
> That would be nice, Shannon, if you had any idea of what the word
> "issue" meant to begin with.
> <<Remember that democracy only works if there is real discussion of
> the real
> issues>>
> What "real issues", wacko? Your hatred of an American administration
> which made lots and lots of mistakes, but at least is not as lunatic,
> self-hating and separated from reality as you are?
> <<The new development is the letter of condemnation of Dubya's
> performance in
> Iraq. It seems to be basically an expression of solidarity with the
> similar
> letter sent to Tony Blair recently.>>
> What, that a bunch of so-called experts, notoriously fed by Arabist
> bribes, and who were unable FOR DECADES to bring about ANY exit from
> the deadly Middle East stalemate disagree with Blair and Bush who at
> least try something new? That you are an idiot is not your fault, my
> deluded friend, but that you are an idiot who thinks he's brilliant
> makes you seem even more pathetic that you would anyway be. Yuck.
> <<Interestingly, I had speculated that the prisoner-related war crimes
> may have been more widespread, and latest reports seem to be
> confirming my speculations.>>
> I would believe your concern, and I have spared myself no words in
> condemning the abuses committed by American soldiers in Iraq, weren't
> you and your Saddamist friends so quick in getting over any war crime,
> "peace crime" and imaginable kind of crime which was *not* committed
> by Americans (or Israelis). There you show your true colors, pathetic
> America-hater, rubbing your insufficient brains against reality in the
> comfort offered by the cyberspace.
> <<I actually think that education is probably the area where they are
> doing the most long-term damage, but it will take decades to assess
> that damage.>>
> If you've ever been allowed to graduate from a high school, you've
> spoken the truth, pal. You and your Islamofascist buddies are indeed
> the epitome of how degraded the American system of education became.
> <<Technically, I'm classified as one of the last Vietnam-Era veterans,
> but if I'd arrived in boot camp a few days later, I would have been
> post-Vietnam.>>
> Do you mean that you've washed latrines in the last three days of the
> Vietnam war, kiddo? You are technically classified as a sick idiot
> hating his country, and lying openly in order to support his twisted
> ideologies. Get professional help, bro, but don't expect sympathy.
> <<Anyway, my understanding of Moslems (and Jews) is that they are
> definitely big on eye-for-an-eye justice, so (from that perspective)
> his torture of them "justifies" their torture of us.>>
> More anti-semitic rubbish from pseudo-Jewish junk. Was your mother a
> kappo in a concentration camp perchance? Was she giving head in
> exchange for her pathetic progeny being spared his life, so he can
> pursue her "noble" goals further?
> <<When I was in the service, if the pooch got screwed on my watch, the
> answer was "Sir, no excuse, sir!" It didn't matter why. It was my job
> to protect the pooch, and if I failed, I expected to be held fully
> accountable.>>
> So did you get slapped when you left that latrine dirty? You seem such
> a yellow piece of cowardly garbage that you are incapable of cleaning
> a latrine, don't even mention fight an enemy.
> <<My comments here have reflected "catching up on the news" after
> being rather too busy to worry about it, but these days reading the
> news has become a form of self-abuse, regardless of your political
> position.>>
> Self-abuse, not thinking nor respecting your country which tolerates
> and protects you even in your pathetic state, seems to be the only
> endeavor you are indeed familiar with, to an excessive extent even.
> Enjoy your vacation and, if you go to Japan, try to get a half a brain
> trasplant. It would be a better alternative than your present state of
> "mind".
> -Mark
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